Come in. Take a seat. Make yourself at home.

This is your salon. For you to share your views and form new ones. For you to hear others and be inspired, enthralled, challenged or exasperated. But never bored.

Whilst we are loath to tell you what your salon should be, maybe it would be useful if we got the ball rolling… We see ourselves as conveners, bringing people and topics to a place where conversation is easy… We are interested in hearing each other’s views as audiences; as visitors, spectators, participants, witnesses, as cultural consumers if you will…

“I produce events for a living and five minutes into our discussion I thought ‘wow, I haven’t been to anything like this in ages.’ Thanks for bringing back the art of conversation (pun intended).” Josh McNorton, People’s Salon participant 2014 

  • What on the cultural scene is exciting you most at the moment?
  • What developments do you predict?
  • What trends and practices are boring you stupid?
  • What are you waiting for, on the edge of your seat?
  • What has really moved you recently, and how did that happen?
Salons emerge in seasons, each season shaped and responding to the previous one with the topics taken up that were touched on but not explored, along with new developments in the cultural sphere. Within each season there are six Salons, each focused on a single topic to generate interesting debate and perspectives. Discussions respond to you and are shaped by your views.

People’s Salon topics are distinctive by always seeking to explore our experience as a public, as an audience, as a consumer… rather than starting from the perspective of the artist’s intention, the critics’ perceptions or the commercial momentum… Discussions are focussed on our experience as an audience… giving everyone the opportunity to explore their views, take time to examine our responses and to hear challenging and interesting perspectives from the other people in the room.

Come along. Share your views. Change your mind. Listen to others as theirs change too.

The People’s Salon. Where being the audience is the performance.